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What Is Warrior Camp?

What Is Warrior Camp?

Many parents call and ask about our Warrior Camp. Warrior camp is about showing kids how to live fully in the moment, live with courage and compassion. In the video below Aaron talks about what it means to be a warrior. In the background you will see some of the activities that the kids participate in during our Warrior Camp. Warrior Camp is about helping kids find the inner strength to meet the challenges they will face in life with courage and equanimity.

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Aaron: What is it that a Warrior knows? A Warrior knows presence. A Warrior knows how to show up fully in the moment. I tease the children in our Warrior camp that if you are running into battle with an ax swinging over your head your not thinking about whats on TV, what you had for breakfast. Your thinking about this moment and only this moment right here right now. A warrior is present in the moment, holding nothing out keeping nothing back.

Aaron: A warrior knows willingness. What is a warrior not willing to do? What is a warrior not willing to give for what they believe in? A warrior knows how to define the outcome. You see, great warriors win first and then go to battle. Others go to battle and then seek victory. You hold on to your vision no matter what is going on. Hold on to that overall outcome no matter what you were involved in you show up fully in the moment holding your vision.

Aaron: A warrior thinks with their heart, feel with their whole body. They know the truth in their soul and they take action from there. From this truth even if the truth is against the world, a warrior stands in their truth, a warrior knows that no warrior wins no battle alone, no war is fought alone.

Aaron: Who’s got your back? Who’s back to you have? But most importantly a warrior knows that death could come at any moment. so live this moment fully, celebrate life. Because each breath may be your last and knowing that what gift of love are you withholding. That’s what a warrior knows.

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