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Living In This Moment

A Message To Young Warriors

In the “battle” or the “test” (life) you must be in the moment. You cannot concern yourself with anything but what is happening right now. We tease the kids at

Warrior Camp that when someone is swinging a sword at you, what you are going to do later really doesn’t matter. It becomes about what you do now to create your later. So, to inspire you back to the present moment, I offer these questions:

  1. In this moment is life a test or a celebration?

  2. In this moment do you see an opportunity?

  3. In this moment are you grateful?

  4. In this moment are you free?

  5. In this moment are you amazed?

  6. In this moment is life perfect?

  7. In this moment what is truly a mystery?

  8. In this moment right here right now are you breathing?

  9. Are you awake and aware of who you are?

  10. Are you fully present in your body?

  11. Are your eyes, mind hands and heart open?

  12. Do you really think you have another moment to practice any of this?

  13. Can you BE love INTO this now? Wherever you are?

  14. In this moment are you expanding or contracting?

  15. In this moment right now WHAT IS?

Living In This Moment

Living in this moment is easier than you may think. You’ve been there yourself many times. We see teens and kids at our youth camps do it each year: focused, exhilarated, intense, and joyful.

When you ask yourself the questions, what are the answers?

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