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Struggling to connect with your troubled child?

Beyond Risk & Back Parenting Masterclass

  • Strengthen the bond with your child.

  • Implement easy shifts in approach for positive change.

  • No manipulation, just genuine connection.


​Feeling overwhelmed with work, family, and emotions?

Feel like you tried everything but nothing has worked?


We understand. That’s why we created a masterclass based on 20+ years of experience. Move from feeling helpless to empowered.


Masterclass Highlights:

  • Tailored chapters for your child's needs.

  • Practical assignments.

  • Over 10 hours of video.

  • 56 easy-to-follow teachings.


Our Approach vs. Others:

  • Long-lasting solutions.

  • Discipline with love.

  • Cost-effective.

  • Addresses a range of issues.

Limited Time Offer:

Get the full Beyond Risk & Back Parenting MasterClass now for just $99 (normally $149).


Are you ready to change your family's future?


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