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8 Everyday Habits For Maintaining Your Mental Health

Our main concern at Fire Mountain Programs is helping teenagers to become responsible, healthy and self-sustaining human beings. It is our opinion that one of the most imperative parts of this process is getting the teenager to a place where they can successfully maintain their mental health.

As a parent, you likely have trouble knowing how to help your teen all the time. As they grow into adults, there are many changes that they have to become accustomed to. Much of the time, there are so many things changing that a teenager can have a difficult time adjusting. However, by teaching your child how to manage and maintain their mental health, you and your child can feel much more at ease, even during trying and stressful times.

Uncover the secrets to finding emotional equilibrium below so that you can share them with your teen.

1. Develop Routines

When you have daily practices and disciplines in place, it is much easier for you to identify when your mental health is a bit off kilter. If you go to the gym each morning or you take twenty minutes to meditate each night, you are more equipped to examine your mental state at any given time. When you are always doing something different, you have no baseline to judge how you are feeling.

2. Get In Tune With Your Body

One of the best ways to maintain your mental health is to eat well and exercise frequently. When you put nutritious foods into your body, it not only enhances your moods but it also will increase your energy levels. If your teenager is a smoker or drinks alcohol, it’s best to advise them to stop as it does take a toll on their mental health.

3. Connect With Nature

Venturing into nature will help you to connect with yourself on a new level. Without constant communication with others via technology, you will have the ability to find new things out about who you are, what you like and how you feel.

4. Breathe

The importance of breath is not emphasized enough. Learn to become aware of how you are breathing and you will begin to regulate it naturally. This will allow for you to gain insight and calm, even in the most stressful situations.

5. Express Yourself

Regardless of what your interests are, you need to find a way that you can express yourself. Doing things that make you happy and allow you to access your intuition will help you to find peace and decrease over analysis. Even if you don’t think that you are particularly talented, something doesn’t have to be perfect or astounding for it to be beautiful and cathartic. Often this is difficult for teenagers, as they find embarrassment in putting themselves out there. Encourage your child to stop caring what others think and instead use their abilities as much and as often as they can.

6. Maintain Healthy Relationships

You were once a teenager which means you know how hard it is to maintain healthy relationships when you are young. Seeing as how this is also true in adulthood, it’s important that you teach your teen how to know when a friendship or relationship is a healthy one. The best way to express this is to reiterate that people who are worthy are being in your child’s life are people who support their growth at every turn.

7. Watch What You Say

This is often one of the hardest things for people to do when they are working on improving their mental health. Naturally, people want to talk about other people, they want to complain and put negative thoughts out in the universe. While you may think this is doing no harm to you personally, you would be wrong. Teaching your child not to gossip or say everything that pops into their head will help them to be healthier in the long run.

8. Set Good Intentions

In order for your teenager to be happy and fulfilled, it’s a good idea to teach them how to set their intentions each day. Knowing what your mission and purpose in life is, or at least aiming to figuring it out will prevent reckless behavior and taking detours that will lead you away from your chosen path.

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