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Acudetox and What it Does for Teens in Recovery

What is Acudetox?

Acudetox is the application of up to five fine-gauge, sterilized, one-time use stainless steel needles just under the skin at designated points in each ear.

The needles then remain in the ear for roughly 30-45 minutes.

How Does it Assist with Recovery?

The procedure functions as an adjunct within a comprehensive treatment program that offers other therapeutic elements including counseling, education, family involvement, mutual support group involvement, and supportive medical health care. Clients in all types of treatment settings including inpatient, outpatient, incarcerated, shelters, harm reduction, and street outreach can utilize this treatment.

Among the benefits reported by both clients and clinicians are improved program retention, a more optimistic and cooperative attitude toward the process of recovery, as well as reductions in cravings, anxiety, sleep disturbance and need for pharmaceuticals.

How does Fire Mountain Integrate Acudetox?

This past fall, Fire Mountain’s Medical Manager, Hugh Parish, traveled to Pueblo, Colorado in order to obtain his Acudetox certificate in order to perform the treatment on the teens at Fire Mountain.

Teens here have reported less anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, and overall cravings. Hugh performs Acudetox almost every day on the residents, usually during the group meditation session in the morning.

Fire Mountain Programs Medical Manager, Hugh Parish, joined the team in 2017. He has been practicing nursing for over 13 years, receiving his Bachelor’s of Nursing from James Madison University in 2006. He is originally from Charlottesville, VA, but relocated to

Colorado in 2011 in order to pursue an opportunity to be a river rafting guide, before returning to the medical field. Prior to joining the team at Fire Mountain, Hugh worked in an emergency room setting and with outpatient detox services. His training encompasses pre-hospital education and working with volunteer rescue squads. He has also worked done medical missions work in Uganda, Africa, and for multiple disaster relief operations.

Hugh has a passion to empathize with patients as well as to provide insightful guidance into each client’s journey of recovery, including encouraging daily physical activity. Outside of Fire Mountain, he can be found backcountry skiing and mountain biking with his dog, Jackson, who also spends a large amount of time giving “free” therapy to our clients.

Learn more about our treatment philosophy here!

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