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Warning Signs Of Self-Harm In Teens

Self-harming is a secretive activity. Most of the time, the marks are carefully hidden and parents do not catch wind of the activity until it has become serious. However, there are plenty of tell-tale signs to help parents discover whether or not their teen is self-harming before it gets out of hand.

Ways Teen Self-Harm

  1. Cutting

  2. Scratching

  3. Burning

  4. Punching Things

  5. Picking Wounds

  6. Pulling Out Hair/Eyebrows

  7. Ingesting Toxins

  8. Excessive Rubbing

Things To Look For

  1. Secretive behavior

  2. Sending a lot of time alone

  3. Inconsistent excuses for marks and cuts on the body

  4. Abrupt changes in mood

  5. Quickly becoming more passive

  6. Sudden changes in friends

  7. Wearing more clothing than necessary

  8. Big changes in dress (adopting emo style)

  9. Sharp objects in bed or bathroom

  10. Facial expressions not matching emotions or situation

To Learn More About Cutting And Self-Harming

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