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Legal Risks Of Teen Sexting

Teens and tweens seem to be glued to their phones—surfing the Internet, engaging on social media platforms, and texting with friends. But what happens when some of those interactions take a dark turn, such as sexting?

Unfortunately, sending sexually explicit messages over smart devices is more common than many parents might realize. And what sexting is varies from state to state: It might be nude photos, or it might be language. The risks are great and the consequences real, particularly because there’s no national standard to evaluate sexting.

Every state has its own laws and punishments, which means that an accidental text forward by your son or daughter could have lifelong repercussions. If you’re confused about sexting or simply want to have a more honest conversation with your kids about what it is and what the impact may be, check out the information in this graphic for helpful insights.

The companion article is available here.

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