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Can Pot Reduce IQ in Kids?

A recent Australian study finds that early Marijuana use (starting at 13) may actually rob your child of some of his or her intelligence. Some teens lost as many as 8 IQ points. What does 8 points actually mean and can kids recover those points? Read the article below…

Marijuana is the world’s most widely used illicit drug. But smoke too many joints too soon, and you might lose IQ points: A new study suggests extensive marijuana use starting as a teenager could lead to cognitive decline.

In a study of 1,037 New Zealanders followed from birth to age 38, people who began using  marijuana as adolescents and used it extensively for years saw their IQs drop by about eight points. What’s more, among adolescent-onset users, quitting the drug did not reverse the mental deficits.

“Marijuana is not…” click to read the full article

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