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Why Holistic Treatment for Drug Abuse Works

Proper addiction treatment can exist in many forms. Not every teenager responds well with every method of recovery—so, we aim to find the best method for each resident. When it comes to drug abuse, our team at Fire Mountain will work with your teen to find a holistic or non-holistic treatment method to put them on the path to success and self-discovery.

Not all facilities offer holistic treatment. Unlike other treatments, holistic medicine isn’t as widely studied. However, for the right person struggling with drug addiction, holistic care can provide just what they need to get on the path to clean living.

What Is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic treatment focuses on the body, spirit, mind, and emotions. Instead of putting all the focus on the addiction, holistic treatment aims to improve overall wellness and mental health. With balance at the forefront of the treatment, we teach your teenager to care about their health from every angle through stress relief therapy, exercise, meditation, and outdoor activities.

Types of Holistic Programs

Not all holistic rehab centers offer the same services, but typical holistic programs may include a mix of the following activities for residents:

  1. Individual teen therapy sessions

  2. Motivational interviewing

  3. Life skills training

  4. Community service projects

  5. Physical conditioning

  6. Yoga classes

  7. Whole foods diet

  8. Time spent in nature

One holistic treatment program we encourage here at Fire Mountain is exercise. We believe that regular exercise can help teenagers improve their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. In most cases, we encourage our residents to go on outdoor adventures such as hiking to get outside and connect with nature.

Try Holistic Treatment at Our Teen Residential Treatment Center Near Denver, CO

Fire Mountain is a residential treatment center for troubled teens ages 12 to 17. We are well known as the best Denver holistic residential treatment center and aims to help your child overcome addiction and find their path to joy, fulfillment, and maturity.

Ready to enroll your child or teen in a Denver drug and alcohol residential treatment center? We are located near Estes Park, Colorado. However, we admit teens from anywhere in the U.S.

To learn more about insurance coverings, financing options, and how to register, contact us online today or give our team a call at (303) 443-3343. On the call, you will speak with an admissions counselor and complete a preliminary assessment to determine whether your teen is a good fit for the program.

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