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Do teens that cut have to go to a treatment center?

Not necessarily. Cutting, like many other teen behavioral problems, does not necessarily require a treatment center. Cutting is a problem that has different degrees of seriousness. The action you take to help your teen overcome the need to cut depends on the severity of the problem. Below is a brief overview of options and when they should be considered.

Taking The First Step

The first step a parent should take is to talk to your teen. Try to find out how long they have been cutting and why they cut. A good conversation will help you understand how serious the problem. At this stage it is also good to try to learn more about cutting and self harm. Read articles about cutting and talk to a counselor about the problem.


Family counseling and individual counseling for your teen is also a good idea even if  you do not believe that the cutting is serious. A counselor can help you assess the seriousness of the problem and recommend a healing strategy. Counseling is important in almost all cases of cutting. Try counseling before considering a residential treatment center. That may be all your teen needs.

Treatment Center

Treatment centers are there to help parents and teens when the cutting is serious and potentially life threatening. If your teen continues to cut even after being found out and getting counseling, then you certainly should consider a residential treatment center. The right residential treatment center can provide to focused attention and deep healing that serious cutting suggests.

Helpful Articles

Read Teen Self-Harm Takes Various Forms to get an idea of how extensive the cutting may be with your teen.

Read Teen Cutting And What You Can Do for an overview of cutting and learn what you can do to start your teen on the road to healing.

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