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Change You Can Really Believe In

A few years ago, Aaron produced some talks on video about themes central to our mission to help teens and kids overcome their personal challenges and live fulfilling lives. These videos and others are on the Fire Mountain YouTube channel. They explore some of the key aspects of living fulfilling authentic lives.

The videos are for parents and teens and even the kids! This series is being posted on our blog so that viewers can get a better understanding of our approach to life and the perspectives that we live and share with the the teens and kids at Fire Mountain.

The video below is about real authentic change from October 2, 2008


Aaron: Hello my friends, I have noticed a lot people talking about change. People are promising change, people are promising reform. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that change isn’t real because we’re still disconnecting ourselves from it. We think Obama is going to change us or McCain is going to change us. Neither of them will change us. Neither of them by themselves can change this country. There isn’t anything a man can promise or one man can do that is going to change all of our lives.

Aaron: If we are going to change, then we need to change our perspective on everything we see and there is only one way to do that. You’ve got to change. You’re the one who has to change. You can’t expect other people to change and your life to get better. The only way your life is going to get better is if you change it. The only way this country is going to change is if you make a change within. The only way you are going to see this country differently is if you become different.

Aaron: The thing is, change is inevitable. It may be the one constant thing in life. Change. It is the one thing you can always count on happening.

Aaron: See, the truth is everything changes. The leaves change. The earth changes. Everything changes, including you. And you can’t not change. So what are you waiting for? You know something in your life needs to change. I don’t know what it is. But you want change in your life. That is why this campaign is so attractive to us all, because they are using this word change. Change is, change ignites something in us, ignites us, makes us think that something better is coming. It only is going to come if you change.

Aaron: Change comes from within. Change comes from inside you. You got to go to seminars and workshops. You got to send your kids to camps. You’ve got to make the change. It’s not just getting out there to vote. That’s just the first moment, the first step. What is your commitment to live your live differently than you lived yesterday? What is your commitment to change? Change has been promised many times over. A lot of people have told you they are going to change. A lot of people have told you they are going to change things. I bet you can think back into your life where someone has promised you change and it didn’t take place. When you go back to that moment, I want you to ask yourself this: did you change? Are you willing to give up your life as it is now for something better?

Aaron: Change is difficult because change is frightening. Change is difficult because change is scary. What is and what will be may not look the same. Do you want to see what change looks like? Do you want to see what real change looks like? Sometimes you do one little small thing and something changes. And sometimes, you really change. And you change everything about yourself. Like these people.

Aaron: Don’t think for a second that these politicians have anything to offer you that you can’t offer yourself. The only change that is going to take place in this election is the one you are willing to make. Are you willing to change? And if you are, then your life is going to change. And that is all there is to it.

Aaron: Go to my website at Look at how we provide opportunities for children and teens, whole families to change what is going on. Change is inevitable. When you choose change, you get complete ownership of the results. And that is awesome.

Aaron: Until next time my friends. From my heart to yours. We’ll talk soon.

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