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Being a Mentor for New Members of the Tribe

Alumni from Fire Mountain Residential Treatment are considered lifelong members of the Bear Tribe. You may be an inspiration to others who are now beginning their recovery journey. Supporting new members of the Bear Tribe can help you remain close to the recovery community. You can continue to learn new things as you inspire others to build their skills and overcome challenges. Teaching and being a mentor can be a lifelong learning process. Mentors continue to build their skills as they pass along information to others. One of the indications of mastery over a topic or subject is your ability to teach the skill to others. You can also build your self-esteem and confidence by passing knowledge and information along to younger members of the tribe.

Ways to Be a Mentor

There are several ways to mentor new members of the Bear Tribe. You can continue going to support groups, volunteer in your community, teach a class in recovery, or speak about your experiences.

Continuing to Attend Support Groups

When you continue to meet in support groups following treatment, you are taking a positive step towards continuing your recovery journey. Support groups can help you maintain your health and wellness. You can also inspire others in support groups by speaking openly about your experiences or encouraging new members to do so.

New members of support groups may be reluctant to share or they may not understand the process. You can help to guide them along in the process and inspire them to continue in their treatment and recovery.

Volunteering in Your Community

Volunteer work can help you find purpose and meaning in your life while also providing opportunities to mentor others. You might volunteer at an animal shelter or a library and teach others new skills.

Volunteering can set a positive example for others in recovery. Younger members of the Bear Tribe might be continuing to go to the same off-site volunteer locations that you attended during your treatment. You can help them along the way and continue to engage in work that helped you during your treatment experience.

Teaching a Class in Recovery or Other Life Skill

Mentors can teach skills in recovery or other life skills to newer members of the Bear Tribe. You can reach out to your library, former treatment center, or local outreach programs for opportunities to teach.

Teaching is a skill that often requires mastery or extensive knowledge of a subject. When you teach something to others you often learn more about the skill during the process of explaining it to others. Think about some life skills or things that you are passionate about and pass those things on to others.

Speaking About Your Experiences

Some members of the Bear Tribe have come back to Fire Mountain to share their stories with others. You can mentor others by sharing your experiences. You can help to alleviate their fears or give tips on how to be successful during treatment.

To share your story with others, you need to reflect upon your experiences. You can relearn a lot of your skills and put your journey into perspective by sharing your story with others. Self-reflection can help you in your recovery and sharing your stories can inspire others.

Starting a Blog about Recovery

You can share your story online as well. You might be an inspiration to others by starting blog posts about your journey in recovery. Sharing your experiences through writing can help others find the resources and tips they may need to make positive changes.

Like speaking publicly, writing requires you to look back on your experiences and put things into perspective. You can also build a new skill while helping others in treatment.

Being a lifelong member of the Bear Tribe is an honor and an inspiration for all those who are beginning their journeys in recovery. You can also inspire hope for parents who are worried about their child during the beginning of treatment. Mentors can help to teach new skills, share experiences, volunteer their time, and set solid examples of success. You can inspire and help others while also learning new things about yourself. Being a mentor and a support for new members of the Bear Tribe can help bring purpose and meaning to your life. Mentoring is a valuable activity for both those teaching and those learning. You can sharpen your skills and gain perspective about your experiences when you share your recovery story.

Fire Mountain has invited alumni back to the program to share their experiences with newer members of the Bear Tribe. As lifelong members of the tribe, you can help others begin their recovery journey. You can teach new skills, speak to groups, guide support groups, write blogs, or volunteer as a way of giving back to the tribe. Finding purpose following treatment can help you in your recovery and mentoring others can help you find meaning. Sharing experiences can also help parents understand that there is hope for their kids. Parents may also feel lost seeing their kids struggle with addiction, depression, anxiety, or other serious issues. They may worry about their child’s future. You can bring hope to them by showing them that recovery is possible. Fire Mountain Residential Treatment hopes to inspire others to maintain lifelong recovery as they grow in life. Call us today at (303) 443-3343 for information on how to help others in recovery.

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