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Welcome to my website a haven for parents facing the unique challenges of struggling tweens and teens. I hope I can help!


Free Resources


Parenting Teens that Struggle, a private Facebook Page, is a free and active" parents helping parents" support group offering insights and strategies for specific issues and problems. A place to get it all out and ask for help.

The Beyond Risk and Back Podcast delves into the intricacies of parenting in the modern age, addressing topics ranging from risky teen behavior to ADHD addiction, self-harm, and significant mental health challenges.

Workbooks and articles, videos, carefully curated to offer actionable, tips and support 

                               Private Coaching

Want a deeper level of support? I have worked privately as a teen, parent, and family coach for over 20 years. Book a Free Consult here or sign up for a Session, Package, or In-Home Intensive here 

Within these offerings, I hope you feel the weight of your burdens begin to lift. You've found a place where your concerns are understood, and where you can gather the tools and knowledge to rebuild your home one step at a time. 

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Get your kids back

At Your Wit's End with Your Troubled Teen? You're far from alone.  Across the globe, parents confront the nightmare of teen self-harm, drug use, and behavioral issues.


Desperate for solutions, they ask, 'Where did I go wrong with my rebellious teen?' or 'How can I prevent my child from sneaking out?' Here lies your roadmap to navigating these adolescent challenges.​Seeking Solutions for Drug Use or Behavioral Concerns? Aaron Huey's been on the frontline for over 25 years, addressing issues from teen drug addiction to the complexities of youth mental health. His expertise isn’t in offering platitudes but in providing genuine, effective strategies for those with teens breaking the law or displaying signs of emotional turmoil. Unlock discussions in our podcast that speak to parents dealing with 'adolescent drug abuse' and 'teen self-harm warning signs'. Dive into books that offer real-world solutions to 'teen behavioral issues' and 'understanding the teenage mind'. Our family coaching might just be the answer to your silent Google plea of 'how to help my troubled teen'. Here, you'll find a sanctuary of resources, from interventions for law-breaking behaviors to tackling secretive actions like sneaking out.​This platform isn’t just a beacon for parents in distress; it's an actionable guide to restoring family harmony. And remember, in this journey through the tumultuous teenage years, as the Bear Tribe pledges with conviction: 'We've got your back!'"

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Who is Aaron Huey ?

In the year 2000, Aaron established a small martial arts school in Boulder, Colorado, which quickly gained attention from counselors and parents seeking innovative solutions for their children. In response to the growing demand, Aaron and his wife expanded their offerings to include afterschool programs, weekend events, summer camps, and transformative teen Rites of Passage retreats. In 2009, they furthered their commitment by opening a Sober Home for teen boys, providing a safe and supportive environment for recovery. Over the course of the next decade, their endeavor evolved into the most successful Adolescent Residential Treatment Center in the United States, garnering prestigious accolades such as the "Top 100 Health Care Visionaries" award and "Top 50 Healthcare Company" recognition.


Tragically, the closure of the treatment center in 2021 was prompted by the devastating fires in Estes Park, Colorado. Undeterred by this setback, Aaron redirected his focus toward supporting parents, schools, and martial arts instructors grappling with the challenges of working with addicted, traumatized, and suicidal children. His profound insights and expertise led to the development of the highly acclaimed Parenting Master Class, "Beyond Risk and Back," which received the prestigious Telly Award for Education in 2021. 


Additionally, Aaron's groundbreaking project, "Safe-Dojo," earned him induction into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2022, further solidifying his status as an industry leader.

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