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The Four Prime Archetypes
Why we do what we do













Do you know who you are?
Do you know who your spouse,

kids, employers, employees, friends,

and relatives are?

What if understanding their core

personalities could change the way you interact with them?

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  • Are you a Warrior? Action-oriented in all aspects of life, but tend to bulldoze other people's ideas and sometimes emotions?

  • How about a Bard? Sincerely good at communicating and being creative, but often accused of being a "drama queen"?

  • Maybe you're a Wizard? Highly intelligent but often struggling to comprehend social dynamics?

  • Perhaps you are the Jester? ...just keeping it simple...maybe too simple?

We make this journey fun, funny, and an adventure. Through witty and insightful narratives, we address different personas:

  • To the Bards: We know everyone loves to make fun of you (and you secretly love it).

  • To the Wizards: Yes, please enlighten us with your critiques of our segmentation system.

  • To the Warriors: No, you are not always the best at everything.

  • To the Jesters: ...Are you still here?

Plus, introductory material on the Sacred and Profane, the Shine and Shadow, Kings and Queens, Vampires, Bigfoot, and other universal personality symbols that are present in your everyday life! Make sure you read the "Ask the Authors" chapter at the end too!

This book is not just a read; it's an experience that promises to change your perspective on human behavior. What wouldn't change if you understood yourself and those around you better?

Available on Amazon!


Bold, professional, *out-of-the-box guidance for parents, teens/tweens,

and whole families


Is your teen or tween struggling with low self-esteem, drug use, ADHD, troubling behavior or other scary and difficult issues? You're not alone. Having helped thousands of parents like you, my passion is to provide profound education, tools, and guidance to help you get your kids back, rebuild a functional family unit, and become the best parent you can be -all while taking care of you- your #1 parenting resource. 

My job as a coach is to find that "thing" that ignites a spark, analyze what kills it, and find what makes it grow and expand into a deep inner resource for health and well-being.  

My job as a podcaster and teacher is to arm you with the best tried and true yet innovative information, knowledge, and tools! 

* Many tweens/teens (and some parents) don't like to "sit and talk". These kids like " to move and do". Maybe it's archery, short filmmaking, throwing axes, gym time, fire starting, or creating a small business idea that relaxes them and gets them talking and revealing (through body language and words) what they need. 

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