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Wilderness First Aid Training

Discovering Healthy And Fun Activities

At Fire Mountain, we believe not only in participating in adventure, but try to create an environment in which residents can learn about how to participate in these activities after they graduate.  One way to do this is to create a variety of adventure skill training opportunities during their time at Fire Mountain.

Safe Fun Outdoors With Medical Training

Each year, Fire Mountain has offered its residents a wilderness first aid training. The training ensures that those residents who go on to engage in outdoor pursuits know how to keep themselves and their partners safe in case of a medical emergency. It is a great way to foster confidence and safety while in the outdoors.

The Wilderness And Remote First Aid Course

The course was such a success and so well received by staff and residents, that Fire Mountain committed to continuing this tradition.  Nick Magle-Haberek, the Intensive Program Manager, was recently certified by the American Red Cross to instruct these courses.

December’s intensive program is scheduled to be the next round of Wilderness and Remote First Aid classes.  Moving forward, Fire Mountain plans to offer this program to residents every several months to ensure that all graduates can be certified and can stay safe in the outdoors after they leave the program.

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