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Summer Activities For Struggling Teens

“Grow and Feel Connected”

Struggling teens have different types of problems that are difficult to lump together. Some are more serious than others. Teens can be anxious or depressed. They can be struggling to come to terms with romantic rejection or suffering through another disappointment. It is hard to tell how serious the problem is when you first encounter it.

Summer seems to bring festering problems to the surface because a teens time is not filled with school and study. If teens are left to brood and dwell on negative events and situations, they could develop negative habits and attitudes that impact their futures. This is why it is important to make sure summer includes some healthy and fun character building activities.

Activities At A Glance

  1. Work/Training

  2. Camping Trips

  3. Volunteer Programs

  4. Athletic Clubs

  5. Intellectual Pursuits

Not all struggling teens need to be sent to a boot camp or therapeutic boarding school. Often, a mild solution can help them work through their problems. The summer is a perfect time to shake up the routine and find an activity that is both rewarding and challenging for your teen.

There are a wide range of activities that are great for teens during the summer, some are low-cost, no-cost, or even money making (think job). These activities build character and are personally rewarding. Each of them adds something positive to take away from summer and are highly recommended for all teens, not just teens who are struggling.

Let’s look at some things your teen can do over the summer to keep busy and grow.

Find Work

Older teens may benefit greatly from getting a summer job. A job can be an excellent way to build character, boost self esteem and get a feel for what adult life is like. A summer job can lead to long-term connections and future job opportunities. A summer job can be the beginning of a long-term career.

Summer work is great for a teen.

Camping Trip

If a teen is struggling with some issues, a family camping trip may be just the ticket. Family camping trips can be a great opportunity to bond and have some fun in the outdoors. There are many places to see and experience for the whole family.  The US is blessed with amazing diversity and natural beauty.

Wilderness Adventure

Being in the outdoors for part of the summer is a great way to get out of your skin and be active. There are many organizations that have summer wilderness adventures. Wilderness adventures encompass all kinds of activities in the great outdoors. They can be run by large wilderness adventure organizations like Outward Bound, or local school organizations that combine camping with some task or learning experience. Many of them challenge teens to learn and grow in a unique outdoor environment.

Volunteer Programs

Another rewarding activity is to volunteer for a charity organization.  Volunteer opportunities abound. There is no shortage of people in need of assistance. It may take a bit of convincing to get your teen to volunteer, but that may well be worth it.

Seeing how other people experience life can help put your own life in perspective. Perspective is often lacking in the teen years. Volunteering helps teens see the bigger picture.

Serving others is rewarding. Struggling teens benefit from a sense of accomplishment and a feeling that they are doing something unique and worthwhile for others less fortunate.

Local Athletic Club Activities

Every community has unique opportunities to participate in during the summer. All kinds of clubs are active in the summer when school is out. Athletic leagues, such as baseball are active in the summer, and depending on your location, a host of other athletic clubs could be available. Golfing, sailing, biking, hiking, swimming, and football are just a few sports oriented activities available in every community.

Local Brain Enhancing Activities

There are more than just sports clubs available during the summer. There are many unique and interesting opportunities if you spend a little time looking.  If you are technologically oriented, you could get involved in a local robotics club, for instance.

The Couch Is Your Enemy

Whatever you do during the summer, don’t let your teen spend it on the couch or gaming on the computer. Encourage them to get out and do something: meet people and take on new challenges that move them forward in life.

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