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How to Resist Drugs in College

College is an exciting time for any young adult. With so much to learn and so many people to meet, it can be overwhelming at times. In this time of newfound independence, you’ll face many challenges. One challenge in particular: how do I say no to drugs?

How You Can Say ‘No’ To Drugs in College

1. Know the risks of drug use.

College is often known as a time for experimentation—and while you should experiment with your hobbies, relationships, personality, and schoolwork, taking drugs is a bigger deal than its made out to be. Using drugs during your early college years can impair your future plans and actually cause bigger problems down the road. Knowing the risk of drug use can help to keep you aware of the dangers and encourage you to say no.

For more information on the dangers of drug use, ask your residential advisor, your student health center, or consult a family member.

2. Talk about the risks with friends and family.

Talking about the risks with friends and family can create open dialogue and a safe space to open up about any struggles you may be facing. College isn’t an easy time for anyone. It’s a time of constant change and a lot of growing pains. Drugs might seem like a great escape from reality, but it’s not.

Talking to others can help to embrace the change and get through it without substance abuse. If you’re feeling stressed, isolated, or hopeless, reach out to your parents, another adult you trust, or student counseling services. 

3. Prepare for the peer pressure ahead of time.

If you’re going to a party with friends or roommates, prepare for peer pressure ahead of time. Know your decision on drug-use and stick to it. In college, it can be easy to go with the crowd, but often you’ll find that peers appreciate you taking a stand, too.

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