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Being a Lifelong Member of the Bear Tribe

lthough you may have completed your treatment, you are still a member of the Bear Tribe. Others in recovery may look up to you as a role model for success. You might be surprised by who you may be an inspiration to! You might not realize who is looking up to you or following your example! When you go through recovery treatment at Fire Mountain, you are considered a lifelong member of the Bear Tribe. Being a lifelong member of the Bear Tribe is an honor that comes with camaraderie, support, and responsibility.

Leading By Example: You Never Know Who Is Looking

By maintaining recovery and continuing to grow, you may have an impact on the world in more ways than you may realize. When you lead a healthy lifestyle, make good choices and decisions, continue sobriety, and maintain your mental wellness, you are helping more than just yourself. You may be inspiring to those around you as an example of what they can achieve. Your friends, inside and outside of recovery, may admire your resolve to overcome challenges and obstacles on your journey to recovery. You may have siblings struggling with their challenges, who now look up to what you have accomplished.

Other kids in treatment now may need some inspiration and guidance. When you continue working on yourself, you set an example as a peer. Remember how you felt when beginning treatment? You may have felt lost or afraid. You may have felt reluctant to change or that recovery was hopeless. New members of the Bear Tribe may be feeling the same way. They may need to see an example of success or a role model of recovery to realize that change is possible. You may be inspiring hope in others without even realizing it! Just by being part of a success story shared with new tribe members, you are inspiring them.

We Got Your Back

Members of the Bear Tribe ascribe to the slogan “I’ve got your back.” You may struggle during your recovery journey following treatment. You might have dark days and feel lonely again. You might risk relapse or need to re-enter treatment. The other members of the Bear Tribe are here to support you for a lifetime of health and happiness. When other people are looking out for you, you know that you do not have to face challenges alone. They are here for you during those dark times. They can be a guiding hand or a listening ear. They can help you remember why you chose to enter treatment in the beginning.

Support can go a long way in maintaining recovery. Sometimes just the thought that others are there supporting you can go a long way. Remembering that you are part of a greater community devoted to healthy lifestyle choices and building a fulfilling life can help you feel less alone. Knowing that help is available when you need it, no matter where you are or what you are going through, can help you feel connected to something greater than yourself. When you are feeling low or having a rough time, remember that the Bear Tribe is always here for you!

Personal Responsibility as a Lifelong Member

Being a lifelong member of the Bear Tribe carries the weight of personal responsibility to maintain your wellness and continue to grow. While you may be an example or support to other members of the tribe, you must also follow through with your commitments to yourself. You can only help others when you are healthy. When you are not engaging in self-care activities or maintaining your mental wellness, you cannot be there for other members of the tribe. The Bear Tribe as a whole is only as strong as the collective commitment of each of its members. By being responsible and accountable to yourself, you help to strengthen the tribe as a whole.

You have a responsibility to the other members of the tribe to take care of yourself. You cannot be an effective role model if you allow stress and other issues to enter your life without dealing with them. Remember that your sole duty to the tribe and the most important thing that you can do to inspire others, is to continue with your recovery. Grow and challenge yourself daily. Remember your coping skills and push yourself to excel at new things. Continue to set new goals and make your wellness a priority. You never know who is looking up to you.

Membership to the Bear Tribe is an honor that carries responsibility. You are responsible for maintaining your wellness and continuing to challenge yourself. You never know who may be learning from your example. Be the person that you would admire. Remember your early days of treatment. You may have felt lost, confused, angry, or fearful. What inspired you to continue? Be that inspiration for others by making your health and wellness a priority. You cannot be there for others without first being there for yourself. If you are struggling or facing challenges, remember that the other members have your back! We believe in you and are here to support you. Fire Mountain Residential Treatment reminds you that you are a lifelong member of the Bear Tribe during and following your treatment.

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